FixedStepDiscrete solver cannot be used with continuous states in OP5600 Opal-RT

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I have an Active power filter model on Simulink R2013b that i want to run on an Opal-RT OP5600 (Software : RT-LAB 10.0.7) simulation platform.
While i try to build the model, i get the following Error :
the "FixedStepDiscrete" solver cannot be used to simulate block diagram,because it contains continuous states
Now i tried to Google the solution, obviously : the Solver can't handle the continuous states object, all solutions proposed are either change the solver (which is something i can't do because the hardware platform doesn't allow it), so i am stack with the second option which is : Replace the continuous states blocks with discrete one.
So my question is :
how can i get the list of continuous states blocks so i can replace them with discrete one ?

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Stefan Raab
Stefan Raab on 19 Apr 2016
Edited: Stefan Raab on 20 Apr 2016
you could use "Display/Sample Time/All" to highlight the blocks with continuous sample time in an own color. Note that you have to change the solver first to a continuous solver, as this display option needs a model update. You can reset this afterwards.
You could also search with the Model Explorer (Ctrl+H) but as I don't use R2013b, I'm not sure if the approach was identical then. In the ME select your model in the left tree and in the upper bar Search "by Property Name" for "ContinuousStateAttributes". This should list most of them (but not all I think).
Hope this helps!
Kind regards, Stefan


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