importing and calculation from excel to matlab

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I am looking to import data from excel with colum names. I also meed to perform calculations for the whole column with that name.
For Example: Say i have a excel sheet with 50 columns of data. I want to pick a column from the dataset with the name of the column and do some mathematical operations on the whole column.
I am attaching an image of the data-set and the matlab function
i am working on and having an issue. Please let me know if there is a way to do those kind of calculations

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Stalin Samuel
Stalin Samuel on 12 Apr 2016
you cannot use the column title directly.You have to use the index something like "Rawdata(16:end,3)".Which states that in Rawdata table 3rd column is "CO2_meas" and data is filled from the column no 16 .It is better if you attach the imported Rawdata file.So that more accurately we can specify the code.
Stalin Samuel
Stalin Samuel on 13 Apr 2016
filename = 'MAE 525 HW5 Soln.xlsx';
sheet = 1;
xlRange = 'C17:C12006';
CO2_meas = xlsread(filename,sheet,xlRange);
xlRange1 = 'D17:D12006';
CO_meas = xlsread(filename,sheet,xlRange1);
X = CO2_meas.*CO_meas;

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