How to output multiple results via function

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Maybe this is a basic question. Please help me with it. I define a function with a couple parameters.
function f=fun(y,lambda)
y is chosen to minimize function fun. The outputs are y and fval. I would like to output some other values, for example, y*lambda. I know I can output y*lambda in the next step after fmincon. How to output y*lambda directly in the function or in optimization problem?

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jgg on 11 Apr 2016
Do you mean from the function fun?
It's pretty easy:
function [f,yl,otherstuff] =fun(y,lambda)
yl = y*lambda;
otherstuff = otherstuff_create();
Like this.
jgg on 11 Apr 2016
You have to store the output as well, or display it. For instance, you would call that function like this:
[f,yl,otherstuff] = fun(y,lambda)
I'm not sure exactly what your function is, though, so I can't be more precise.

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