compiling workspace variables in a model (protected or unprotected)

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I'm trying to make a packaged protected (compiled) model for use by a third party and would like to incorporate the required workspace parameters in the model file provided. Is there an option for embedding the required workspace parameters into the protected model?

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Stefan Raab
Stefan Raab on 19 Apr 2016
Edited: Stefan Raab on 20 Apr 2016
I suppose you can use the model workspace. You can achieve this by opening the Model Explorer (Ctrl + H) in your model. Click on the Base Workspace in the left tree and select, drag and drop (but then they are also removed from the BW) or copy the desired values from the middle panel to the Model Workspace of your model in the left tree. When you use parameters in a model, Simulink will first look for them in the Model Workspace.
Kind regards, Stefan
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Mariana on 11 Jun 2020
I have tried that. If I do that I can run my model and the variables are used, but I am not able to compile the model with Simulink Coder. Is there a limit size of the variables stored into simulink's workspace?

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