how to solve anonymous function in Simulink

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SONG on 5 Apr 2016
Answered: Orion on 5 Apr 2016
Hi everyone, I am now struggling with applying the anonymous function in Simulink which is not supported however. I have to call 'fzero' and 'quad2d' to do parameters estimation that gonna use '@' to define the control variable, like 'quad2d(@(r,s)weight(r,s,x),-100,0,@(r)r,100)','voltage = fzero(@(v) sq(v,u,Displace,i,x),[0 200] );' here 'weight' and 'sq' are self-defined function. Do you have the same situation like this, how do you solve it? Thanks a lot.

Accepted Answer

Orion on 5 Apr 2016
I answered to a similar question here
You just have to adapt the method to your problem.

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