How to generate deadband between two complimentary pulses of inverter.

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There should be a proper dead-band between two pulses of switches of one lag of inverter, to avoid shoot through. Dead-band will make rising edge of each pulse delay by defined time. We can generate dead-band by use of analog circuit and set it's value by design of R-C network in hardware. But is there way to make a complimentary pulses with proper microsecond dead-band in matlab simulink??

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Pemendra Kumar Pardhi
Pemendra Kumar Pardhi on 24 Mar 2022
In MATLAB Simulink, deadband can be provided by using dead zone or on/off delay (continuous) or on/off delay (discrete).
If any third party support like C2000 hardware support package and its EPWM block is used then there are also provisions available to provide a deadband time.

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