How to make simulink solve in real time

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Stephen Kramer
Stephen Kramer on 11 Mar 2016
Edited: zeghib okba on 19 Mar 2016
Hello I was doing this example for the Arduino Simulink support package:
And I copied the model to a new blank Simuink model for testing. Simulation time was set to Inf and the discrete time sequence input block says it should repeat which it does continuously for the original example model I opened from the command prompt (arduinomega2560_communication), and you can watch the scope output in real time.
However for the new model I made by copying the blocks, the simulation does not solve in real time, it solves basically instantly. However, in External mode with the Arduino board it does run in real time. I checked that the solver was the same, ODE3. I can't find what option is necessary to make the model run in real time again under Normal mode. Thanks.

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zeghib okba
zeghib okba on 19 Mar 2016
Edited: zeghib okba on 19 Mar 2016
hello, Stephan may be you not choose 'enable to external mode' in simulation configuration. under the com number for arduino(automatically or manually).
sorry for my bad English.


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