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Edit command in Matlab Mobile

Asked by Mihai
on 4 Mar 2016
Latest activity Commented on by Mihai
on 5 Mar 2016
Are there any plans to implement this command in Mobile software, in order to create scripts or functions file? Is really strange that a main function of Matlab is unavailable in Mobile version. Every time I try to use edit command, I get "Command not supported". I use Matlab R2015b and the latest mobile version on Android 4.4.


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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 4 Mar 2016

Mathworks only discusses product plans under Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Anyone who actually knows the correct answer, either way, would not be permitted to discuss it here.
You can ask Mathworks Sales: they are permitted to discuss product plans.
My personal thought, as someone who does not work for Mathworks and has never talked to the developers of MATLAB Mobile, is "No, that is not going to happen with MATLAB Mobile". I have some ideas of what is going to happen instead.

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The problem is that "edit"command is an essential one, at least for me. It is implemented in the desktop version(so it's not about some new feature that should be implemented) and without it you can't create scripts or functions; and these were the first things that I used and still use in my class at university. It is as if MS Office would launch a mobile version of Word without a basic function, like copy/paste or the option to choose fonts. Creating scripts and functions is a basic option in Matlab, so without it, I think the product is, somewhat, unusable.

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