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How to i extract point clouds from a .mat file?

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Adrian Lasrado
Adrian Lasrado on 2 Mar 2016
Answered: pankhuri kasliwal on 25 Jun 2019
Hi,i currently have a .mat file that has an array of 30 point clouds (.ply) files in it . the entire array is named "Room" .I tried extracting each point cloud , but I am unable to do so as the Point clouds are not the accepted format


Rebecca Krosnick
Rebecca Krosnick on 8 Mar 2016
Can you please provide your code? Is Room an array or cell array? Also perhaps this link will be helpful:
John BG
John BG on 8 Mar 2016
the readers neither know the data you want to process nor the script you want to fix, how do you expect readers to remotely consider helping you, with telepathy?

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pankhuri kasliwal
pankhuri kasliwal on 25 Jun 2019
Could you please provide the relevant data files, if not then you may try the following links.
All these are related to extracting point cloud data from a mat file


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