3D roataion of image (jpg image)

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L on 25 Jan 2012
Edited: John Kelly on 12 Mar 2015
Dear All,
How can I rotate in 3D the jpg image in Matlab. The imrotate does it only in 2D? I found the rotate function and 3D rotate, but I don't know could I use these 2 functions for this problem! Thank You in advance!

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Chandra Kurniawan
Chandra Kurniawan on 25 Jan 2012
in Matlab R20011a, I don't face any problem with imrotate to rotate 3D image
I = imread('football.jpg'); %3D image
J = imrotate(I,30);
But, you also can rotate it by :
I = imread('football.jpg'); %3D image
s = 30;
J(:,:,1) = imrotate(I(:,:,1),s);
J(:,:,2) = imrotate(I(:,:,2),s);
J(:,:,3) = imrotate(I(:,:,3),s);

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Chandra Kurniawan
Chandra Kurniawan on 25 Jan 2012
Hi, I have read your message to my email.
I see your problem.
Imrotate cannot rotate an image in z - direction.
Please try imtransform instead.
Maybe this helps.
I = imread('football.jpg');
Dorig = [0 0; 1 0; 1 1; 0 1];
Dtrans = [-4 2; -8 -3; -3 -5; 6 3];
tform = maketform('projective',Dorig,Dtrans);
B = imtransform(I,tform,'udata',[0 1],'vdata',[0 1],'size',size(I));

slama najla
slama najla on 16 Jun 2012
hello i try imrotate us on 2d but it change the size of the 3d image, is it normal or no
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 16 Jun 2012
If you didn't clip the rotated image to the canvass, but instead enlarged the canvass, it might appear to be shrunk because it may fit the enlarged canvass into the same display area.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Jun 2012
Edited: John Kelly on 12 Mar 2015
If you want to be able to rotate an image dynamically, then you need to create it as a texture map.

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