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Asked by Donald Yang on 23 Feb 2016
Latest activity Answered by cui
on 17 Aug 2018
发布代码为html可正常显示中文,发布为PDF时中文乱码。 尝试将字体从默认的monospaced改为宋体或雅黑,问题依旧。 请问如何解决? R2010a


on 23 Feb 2016
Please bother to translate your Question in English.
Donald Yang on 26 Feb 2017
When publishing my matlab codes with comments in Chinese to PDF format, the Chinese characters in the comments always get garbled in the generated PDF file. Although they can be shown correctly when published to html format.
I tried to change the font from monospaced to simsun, but the problem still exists.
Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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1 Answer

Answer by cui
on 17 Aug 2018

please public your code to "doc" format,then save as "pdf" format.


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