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Refresh legend from the command line

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Right-clicking a legend gives the option to "refresh" the legend.
Does anyone know of a way to call "refresh legend" from the command line?

Accepted Answer

Stephan Heise
Stephan Heise on 12 Apr 2012
In the meantime I found an answer elsewhere:
It is possible to access any context menu item via the axes' UIContextMenu property. For details see

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Junaid on 19 Jan 2012
it will refresh. And update the contents dynamically, either you delete something from plot or you add something:-)
I hope this is what you are required..:-)

Stephan Heise
Stephan Heise on 19 Jan 2012
Hi Junaid,
thanks for the fast reply! I recently stumbled upen the "DynamicLegend" option myself and first thought, this was the same as the context-menu's "refresh". However, ‘DynamicLegend’ only seems to react to additions or deletions to the axes: switching the ‘Visibility’ of a line to ‘off’ or switching the legend entry off by
is ignored by the ‘DynamicLegend’ feature. :( The “refresh” function correctly removes the corresponding legend entry in these cases.

Jim Hokanson
Jim Hokanson on 20 Dec 2018
I've found hiding and showing the legend works.
ax = gca; %might be different ...



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