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Find value of a constant given a value of z(x,y)

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I have the following simplified function:
constant = 5;
z = @(x,y) x + y + constant;
If I want z(4,4) to equal '0', how can I find what value the 'constant' has to be to get me that? I know that I can do a simple arithmetic in the equation above, but what if it's a more complex, multivariate function where it gets really difficult to solve for a variable like that? How can I find the value of 'constant' in that instance?

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 17 Jan 2016
Add ‘constant’ to your argument list and use the fzero function is one approach:
z = @(x,y,constant) x + y + constant;
x = 4;
y = 4;
const = fzero(@(constant) z(x,y,constant), 1)
const =

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