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Automatic Speech Recognition for Speech therapy

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Hye ,
I'm a final year student in computer engineering need to do the thesis final year project in matlab software. For the speech recognition part already done. The problem is for features extraction using MFCC and classification HMM. This part for training and testing part . Need you help to give the MFCC coding and HMM coding. Anything can e-mail me at
Thnks .. fitri

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fatma on 4 Jul 2012
I am looking for about speech recognition and voice recording in Matlab book or -ebook. source internet adress or source name?? thank you too!

engstudent on 19 Dec 2012
hi i am working in speech recognition using hmm and i need to know what is the step to build hmm andhow to train hmm in matlab7.9 ??????? i found in matlab hmmestimat,i have seq but i dont know what is the states? my Q is if i need to generat the states by my self????or this is wrong plz answer my question............
plz help me .....................

Clay Jensen
Clay Jensen on 11 Jun 2021
Yo bro, your idea is really cool, automatic speech recognition, it's really just a fly. But sometimes you still need to convert an audio file, and for this I have the best converter from movai which will convert your audio or video with good quality in a split second.

Clay Jonson
Clay Jonson on 19 Mar 2022
Thanks for sharing more info

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