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Zooming a portion of a figure with multiple .mat files

Asked by Aftab Ahmed Khan on 14 Dec 2015
Latest activity Commented on by Star Strider
on 14 Dec 2015
Hello everyone, I have this image having four graphs. I want to zoom-in on the end overlapped section of this figure. This is mainly required to indicate the detail of a particular segment. Any help guys. Thank you.


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1 Answer

Answer by Star Strider
on 14 Dec 2015
 Accepted Answer

The easiest way is likely to create another figure with the same data, but setting the axis limits to something like:
axis([6 8 0.25 0.35])
Experiment with those to get the result you want.


My pleasure.
I assume my suggestions had nothing to do with your success.
This was the important line for me in your reply. "I would create the second figure after the loop by getting the data from the first complete figure"
Good nite.
And quite a good one it will be!
I’m glad I was able to help in some way.

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