ball valve model (not understanding)

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noman shah
noman shah on 8 Dec 2015
Answered: Jocie Kluger on 4 Jun 2021
in real life ball valve is something different but MATLAB model of ball valve in simulink is not the true representation of it. i mean to say that in real life the ball valve rotates to allow/stop the flow but in simulink the ball is moving wrt the orrifice to alow/stop the flow. Can anybody help me on this? if someone have any guide (theory/knowledge) about the simlink ball valve model please help me on this

Answers (1)

Jocie Kluger
Jocie Kluger on 4 Jun 2021
Hi Noman,
While the libraries do not contain valves with direct rotary control, a workaround is to add a PS Gain block with '1 m/rad' Gain in-between a control signal and the S port of an Orifice block.

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