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How can I run publish() in a workspace other than base?

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Tom Clark
Tom Clark on 4 Dec 2015
Commented: Tom Clark on 4 Dec 2015
I'm using the publish() function to build up an automated reporting process. BUT, whenever I call publish() from within a function, it attempts to execute its target in the MATLAB base workspace, not the workspace of the present function. The following code generates an error:
function callingFunction()
a = 10;
where myReportingScript.m contains:
If there is no variable a in MATLAB's base workspace, this simply doesn't work. Surely publish() should be executing in the workspace of its caller, not always the base workspace??? How can I get around this?
[Note: I also tried converting my script to a function and calling with:
function callingFunction()
a = 10;
options.codeToEvaluate = 'myReportingFcn(a)'
... but that doesn't work either.

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Tom Clark
Tom Clark on 4 Dec 2015
Not a full answer, but I developed a workaround which adds the requisite variables to the base workspace then deletes them after publishing.
- putvar(), on the FEX, from John d'Ericco (John saves me yet again!)
- care that this doesn't overwrite then delete similarly named variables in that workspace.
options.codeToEvaluate = 'myReportingFcn(a)';
evalin('base','clearvars a')

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