Struggling at 'Events' of ODE45

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I have a ODE and need to compute the "exact" time and values of y at y(2)=0 and I'm using ode45 and 'Events'.
When I run my function, I get the error message: 'error using events. Not enough input variables.'
The part of my code:
[T,Y,Te,Ye,Ie] = ode45(funRTBP,incT,condIni,options );
And my events function:
function [value,isterminal,direction] = seccio(t,y)
value = y(2);
direction = 0;
isterminal = 1;
AbsTol and condIni are correctly defined.
Thanks for your help.

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 Nov 2015
options = odeset('RelTol', 1e2*AbsTol, 'AbsTol', AbsTol*ones(1,length(condIni)), ...
'Refine', 8, 'Events', @seccio);
Felix Lauwaert
Felix Lauwaert on 1 Dec 2015
I hadn't seen it, now it works! Thank you vey much.

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