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how to store a bits stream as video format?

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hello! I need help for matlab function to store a bits stream that I get from another function. thanks

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Dinesh Iyer
Dinesh Iyer on 18 Nov 2015
Try fwrite(). Just write the bytes stream to a file. fwrite does not care what the bytes represent.

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 Nov 2015
I knew this Question was coming as soon as I read your Question about how to convert a video to a bit stream. My answer at that time was
vidcontent = fileread('YourVideoFile.avi');
bitstream = reshape(dec2bin(vidcontent,8).', [], 1) - '0';
The reverse of that is
bytestream = uint8(bin2dec(reshape(char(bitstream + '0'), 8, [])));
and now you can use fopen / fwrite / fclose to write the stream to a file.
Note that this is the general process to transfer any file as a stream of bits. And usually when people ask specifically about transferring video what they really want is a video streaming mechanism, especially one for wireless or radio that is robust to data corruption and can survive dropped data, to play the video on a device rather than to store the data. What we have shown here is not a video streaming mechanism, it is a "convert bytes to bits" mechanism.

tiburce sotohou
tiburce sotohou on 19 Nov 2015
Thanks. I'll try that and give you feedback


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