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haw i do LTI system with gui

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Noura A
Noura A on 12 Nov 2015
Answered: Gautam on 17 Feb 2016
a) LTI system sketch it when user push button. • Stem LTI as a thick red line • Label each axis, and add a title • xlabel 'Time' use font type 'Courier New' + Bold • ylabel 'LTI Signals' LTI italic • title 'Convolution Sum (LTI) Signals' LTI italic +font size 14 what this means how i use the GUI in this code

Answers (1)

Gautam on 17 Feb 2016
Hi Noura,
This can be done using the Linear System Analyzer. Refer the examples in following documentation that will help you get started:
Note: You will require Control Systems Toolbox in order to use Linear System Analyzer.


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