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How to Numerical Nyquist Plot?

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Hello there! I'm trying to make a numerical nyquist plot of the following system
a = [-1 0; 0 -1] b = [1 99; 0 1] c = [1 0; 0 1] d = [0 0 ; 0 0]
The correct plot is achieved analytically by: phi = -1 + det[I+G(S)] = (2s +3)/(s+1)^2
In Matlab:
s = tf('s')
phi = (2s +3)/(s+1).^2
The thing is, I want to automate this operations, once Matlab doesn't work very well with symbolic variables, I need to do this numerically.
1. The first way I tried this was(actually, this was an analytic solution):
but this gives me a graph I cannot understand and tell why it's wrong:
Why is it wrong? What is happening there?
2. I know I must find the Characteristic polynomial and I believe I must plot all the values of F(s) for s being a contour that encompasses the right-half of the complex plane. SO I tried something like this:
w = logspace(0,10,1000) for k=1:length(w) G = (2*i+3)/((w(k)*i+1).^2) plot(real(G),imag(G),'bo') hold on end
And got something REALLY different from what I wanted:
Please, someone help me!! : )

Accepted Answer

Stefan Raab
Stefan Raab on 2 Nov 2015
actually the following code doesn't work:
s = tf('s')
phi = (2s +3)/(s+1).^2
I have to ask what you want to calculate with this: phi = -1 + det[I+G(S)] = (2s +3)/(s+1)^2 ? I'm not quite sure what you want to do there. Now, to your questions:
1) As your system is MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) because of the dimensions of B and C, your transfer function is acutally a transfer matrix (which input to which output) according to: G(s) = C*(s* I- A)^(-1)* B . Therefore MATLAB plots all four transfer functions (see the labels: Input .. to Output ..).
tf(ss(a,b,c,d)) =
From input 1 to output...
1: -----
s + 1
2: 0
From input 2 to output...
1: -----
s + 1
2: -----
s + 1
2) In your code is a little mistake I think. You forgot the w(k) in your numerator: G = (2 * w(k) *i+3)/((w(k)*i+1).^2) . Beside this fact, your numerical nyquist plot for this transfer function should be fine, but it won't start from w = 0, as logspace starts from 10^0 = 1 (if you're wondering why your plot is not complete).
I hope I could help you, best regards,
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Rafael Sanchez Souza
Rafael Sanchez Souza on 10 Nov 2015
Edited: Rafael Sanchez Souza on 10 Nov 2015
It worked! I added the w(k) : )
The other code didn't work because of syntax. There was a missing * between 2 and s. 2*s instead of 2s.
Thanks a lot,

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