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How can i solve the error in VideoWriter in R2015a?

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I am getting error that "The specified profile is not valid line 168 of VideoWriter" then how can I write a video in Matlab 2015a version.

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Dinesh Iyer
Dinesh Iyer on 30 Oct 2015
The profile name is the second argument that you provide to VideoWriter. It basically tells VideoWriter what kind of file you are trying to write.
The error indicates that you are attempting to write a profile that is not supported. The only case that can happen is if you are attempting to write an MPEG-4 file on Linux. The other reason could be that you have specified the profile incorrectly, possibly a typo.
As you have not provided any code or any other information about which platform you are working on, I don't have any other suggestions.
Hope this helps.


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