How do i plot multiple vectors tip to tail, beginning from the origin?

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This is my code thus far, but my figure only runs the plot for the variables as they are. I need them to run sequentially, so that they are connected tip to tail, forming one line that begins at the origin.
vectors = xlsread('Book1.xlsx'); %Enter any .xlsx document here
[M,N] = size(vectors);
hold on
x = (vectors(:,1).*cosd(vectors(:,2)));
y = (vectors(:,1).*sind(vectors(:,2)));

Accepted Answer

Stefan Raab
Stefan Raab on 26 Oct 2015
x = (vectors(:,1).*cosd(vectors(:,2)));
y = (vectors(:,1).*sind(vectors(:,2)));
plot([0; x; 0],[0; y; 0]);
Is this what you need?
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William Warren
William Warren on 26 Oct 2015
Edited: William Warren on 26 Oct 2015
No, not quite. I actually got something that came out more like has some bugs that I could use some help identifying.
vectors = xlsread('Book2.xlsx'); %Enter any .xlsx document here
[M,N] = size(vectors); %vectors = [4,41;12,52;3,73;5,37;6,45]
xval = zeros(length(vectors),1);
yval = zeros(length(vectors),1);
xi = 0;
yi = 0;
xf = 0;
yf = 0;
hold on
for i = 1:length(vectors)
xcomp = (vectors(i,1).*cosd(vectors(i,2)));
ycomp = (vectors(i,1).*sind(vectors(i,2)));
xf = xcomp + xf;
yf = ycomp + yf;
x = [xi,xf];
y = [yi,yf];
xi = xf;
yi = yf;
endx = [xf,0];
endy = [yf,0];
hold off
xlabel('Force in X-Direction')
ylabel('Force in the Y-Direction')
axis ([0,inf,0,inf])

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