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how to read m2v and .264 video files

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Matlab does not support .m2v and .264 formats in 2015 version. How to read these videos of these file formats?

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Dinesh Iyer
Dinesh Iyer on 26 Oct 2015
It would be nice to know what specific error message you are getting when you are attempting to read this file.
I am not sure which platform you are on. If on Windows, are you able to play these files using Windows Media Player? If they do not work on Windows Media Player, then VideoReader cannot support it. If they do work on Media Player, then it might be a bug with VideoReader. Try to install codecs like ffdshow and K-lite codec pack and then give it a shot.
Upload sample videos if you can if you are still having trouble.

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Ganesh K Davanagege
Ganesh K Davanagege on 27 Oct 2015
Dear Dinesh,
I am working on Windows. I have tried three options. ffmpeg in command window, winFF - windows based ffmpeg program and video converters like handbrake, format factory and any video converter.
I am reading .264 videos which are IP distorted videos and wireless distortion videos (which contain RTP packets).
Along with this, I am reading MPEG2 compressed videos in m2v format.
I have installed K Lite codec pack and ffdshow on my computer.
I have included the snapshot of the screen which appeared when I tried to convert .264 to MP4

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