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how to solve three implicit equation?

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Sir, I am try to solve a question and I stuck here how to solve this equation.
xz= 15
and I want the value of x,y,z where y+z = 1 How to solve in Matlab. Please guide me.

Accepted Answer

Stefan Raab
Stefan Raab on 22 Oct 2015
Edited: Stefan Raab on 22 Oct 2015
Hi, at first you have to declare x, y and z as symbolic variables:
syms x y z;
Then you can use the function solve():
result = solve(x*y==5, x*z == 15, y+z==1, [x y z]);
You can then access the results via result.x, result.y and result.z . Next time you could use Google, I found the solution in less than a minute:
Kind regards, Stefan

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