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mmread crashing matlab.

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Jhangir  Awan
Jhangir Awan on 15 Oct 2015
Edited: Serge on 1 Feb 2020
Im trying to use mmread to read in a sound file for a project. The line that crashes matlab is
[video, audio]=mmread('blah.wma');
This code works perfectly fine on my desktop with windows 7. This code however crashes matlab on my laptop which has windows 10. It exits with error 14084 win32 exception.
Any ideas?

Answers (2)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 15 Oct 2015
That function is deprecated. Use the VideoReader class instead. I've attached an example.
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Serge on 1 Feb 2020
Edited: Serge on 1 Feb 2020
VideoReader seems buggy.
It is not reading the frame I request...
%read all frames (works correctly)
V = VideoReader(file);
II = read(V);
%read one frame at a time (broken)
x = 1:100;
for k = 1:100
I = read(V,k);
for j = 1:200 %check what frame was actually read
if all(II(:,:,:,j)==I,'all')
y(k) = j;
disp([k j])
%plot results
xlabel requested
ylabel obtained

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Dinesh Iyer
Dinesh Iyer on 16 Oct 2015
mmread is not a MathWorks supplied function. It is a user submission on the File Exchange. MMREADER is a MATLAB function that has been renamed (as far as I can tell) to VideoReader.
Let me know if this function works for you. If it fails, paste the crash trace so that it is easy to tell what is going on. Another option is to contact support as it might be a bug that they need to fix.
Hope this helps.


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