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can i determine whether a matlab engine is already running

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I would like to avoid restarting the matlab engine every time I need a matlab calculation. Is there a way to determine whether an engine is already running? I currently start a new engine every time using
eng = matlab.engine.start_matlab()
I have tried storing the eng object in a redis key-value store but the object reference seems to get converted to a string.

Answers (2)

Jeremy Rutman
Jeremy Rutman on 27 Sep 2015
ok it seems in 2015b there are 'shared engines' which can be shared using matlab.engine.shareEngine
now I would like to avoid having to open matlab directly so I want to run that matlab command ( matlab.engine.shareEngine) from an engine i start in python. Thus I start an engine normally (from python): eng = matlab.engine.start_matlab() and then try to share it using
but this causes an error. For some reason
runs but does not seem to create a shared engine. Is there a way to do this?

Bo Li
Bo Li on 28 Sep 2015
What do you mean by "eng.shareEngine runs but does not seems to create a shared engine"?
Typically, you would launch a MATLAB and convert it into a shared session:
%MATLAB code
After that, you can connect to this shared MATLAB from a Python session:
Not sure about the redis issue, but it should be applicable to other Python objects.


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