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MATLAB ode solver function is taking a very long time

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I want to solve a differential equation . for this I am using ode23 solver. my differential equation function is given below.
function dydt = pkodeB2(t,y)
global m b Ad f
yddot=-(y(1).*b(1)+ y(2).*b(2)+y(1).^2.*y(2).*b(3)+ y(2).^3.*b(4)+y(1).^5.*b(5)+ y(1).^1.*y(2).^4.*b(6)+m*uddot)./(m);
ystart=[y0 ydot0];
[t,y] =ode23(@pkodeB2,tspan,ystart);
where m= 70.9; Ad=0.03; f=1;and
b= [2868.808, -696.923, 4800983.798, 90741.008, -40781322891.737, 90262286.352]
when I run the code Matlab shows busy and it does not generate any value in one hour or more.
I want to know how I proceed to solve the above differential equation

Answers (1)

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 24 Sep 2015
Try one of the stiffer solvers listed in the ODE documentation.

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