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How do I install a .mltbx file from the filesharing site into R2015a?

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I cannot find the answer to this anywhere:
How do I install a .mltbx file from the file exchange site into R2015a?
I am not talking about an official "product" toolbox that we pay (dearly) for. I mean a .mltbx file that I obtained from the Mathworks file exchange site. AND I have R2015_A_ (not B). The R2015b instructions point to menues and procedures that do not exist in the 2015a version Here's an example:
I click on the Download Toolbox icon and it downloads the file. But there is no explanation anywhere that I can find of what to do next. It should be simple and there should be an explanation somewhere. How do I do this?
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Wendy Flores-Fuentes
Wendy Flores-Fuentes on 12 Feb 2017
It worked for me with PIVLAB toolbox downloaded from Mathworks file exchange: Download the toolbox Create a folder with the name of the toolbox into the programsfile\MATLAB\...\toolbox Copy the downloaded toolbox file in the folder created Inside matlab, select open, choose the file. And it ask you if the toolbox should be installed. Press yes, and that is.

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 11 Sep 2015
Navigate to the folder with the toolbox from within MATLAB and double click on the file, this will pull up a dialog.
biju undarath
biju undarath on 6 Nov 2017
whether .mltbx is not supported in earlier versions of Matlab ? I am using R2013a and if I double click a .mltbx file from the matlab current directory it is not opening Toolbox installer.Instead it is opening the file in editor with some unreadable scripts. Any solution ? Thanks in advance :)
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 6 Nov 2017
The ability to package files into a .mltbx file was introduced in release R2014b. I don't believe you will be able to use them to install the packaged toolbox in older releases.

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