Using a flow coefficient (Cv value) in SymHydraulics

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Hi all,
currently I want to use SimScape / SimHydraulics to model a system. For several components I have the Cv value (flow coefficient). This is defined as Q = Cv * sqrt(dp*rho_water/rho_liquid) But I cannot find the correct block to implement it. Any suggestions?
Best regards, Luuk

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Jocie Kluger
Jocie Kluger on 31 Aug 2021
One approach could be to use an Orifice block with area and discharge coefficient parameters. The flow rate equation of this block simplifies to Q= Cd*Area* sqrt(2*dp/rho_liquid). You could adjust the discharge coefficient and Orifice area so Cd*Area*sqrt(2) = Cv*sqrt(rho_water). Here are links to the Orifice blocks in the Isothermal Liquid and Hydraulics libraries:
Alternatively, you could use a Flow Coefficient block in the Thermal Liquid library. Use an Interface (TL-IL) block to interface this block with the Isothermal or Hydraulic network. Don't forget to add a Thermal Liquid properties block to the Flow Coefficient block to specify non-default TL fluid properties.


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