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How to write the Gaussian Surround Function in MATLAB

Asked by Abdullah on 22 Aug 2015
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on 22 Aug 2015
F(x,y) = k* exp(-r2 / c2 ) here the function f is a gaussian function.this function used in retinex algorithm.
R(x,y)=log[I(x,y)]-log[I(x,y)*F(x,y)] R is the retinex output,I is the input image,r=x2+y2; c is the surround space constant and k is such that ∫∫ F(x,y) dx dy =1. what is mean by surround space constant
please help me about the values of c and k


Are those various 2 all indicating ^2 ? Should r also have a square root? What other symbols are missing?

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