put a program on standby

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hi there,
is there a way i can start a program at a certain time. for example i want a part of a program to start a certain time of the day and then stop at a certain time. so im assuming the program will be in "standby mode" until that specific time accurs. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks alot. cheers SN

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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 9 Dec 2011
You might be better off an OS level scheduler (for example cron in Linux and task scheduler in Windows). You can have the OS scheduler launch a new instance of MATALB with the -r flag pointing to the function/script you want to run.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 9 Dec 2011
To start a program at a certain time of day, you could use a timer set to go off then.
To avoid having to run everything in the context of the timer callback, you could create a graphics object (anything; set it non-visible if you want), then create the timer with a callback that will delete that object, then have the routine waitfor() that object. The routine will sit there, and when the timer eventually goes off the timer will delete the object, which will terminate the waitfor() and allow the routine to continue.
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Jan on 9 Dec 2011
If you create an invisible GUI, care for avoiding "clear all" and "close all" commands in your code.
A command like
system('powercfg /S "High System Performance"')
can help you to disable the sleep-timers of your operating system, if you use Windows.

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