Multiple simultaneous discrete optimization problems

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Dear all,
my question is based off of this example:
but with the following change.
In the example we had to optimize the volume of one beam for the given P, L, σmax, δmax.
What I would like to do is to optimize the volume (same x(i)s - i=1:10) for three different beams having different P, L, σmax, δmax.
Then I would like a report showing the smallest volume if I have to use only one, two, three, etc. beams.
Do you think it's doable?
James Wiken
James Wiken on 18 Aug 2015
A loop should work fine with functions. I understand the number of variables changes based on the number of beams you are optimizing for. You can write functions that can take a varying number of inputs to handle this. To accomplish this, reference the documentation links for 'varargin' and 'nargin' below:

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Konstantinos Belivanis
Konstantinos Belivanis on 19 Aug 2015
Solved by just entering more parameters in the function. And doing the loop outside of it.
If anybody has the same issue, I can provide more info.

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