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How to extract two images from a video avi (or similar) for hot gas leakage analysis from Thermo-camera

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Hello, we´d need the following.
- From a video thermal camera, extracting .avi (or similar files) to get two images (separated in time 10 seconds) - To compare those two images (image analysis with image processing?), to identify if the hot gas leakage has happen
Notice that we´ve already made a simple matlab .m file that identifies if there is leakage or not, comparing two jpeg. Our problem is to get those two .jpeg (or similar) from the video, continously
Thank you in advance for any support! JP

Answers (2)

Dinesh Iyer
Dinesh Iyer on 7 Aug 2015
If you already have AVI files, use VideoReader to read frames from the video file. If you are attempting to do a live recording, try using the videoinput object.
Hope this helps.

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 7 Aug 2015
See attached demo that does that.

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