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having problem with mvnrnd...

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i'm having problem with the mvnrnd.. its when i run the coding, it says "Undefined function'mvnrnd' for input arguments of type 'double'".. the coding is below..i don't know if i'm overlook at certain me please.. i'm new to Matlab.


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Al Dente
Al Dente on 5 Aug 2015
matlab is basically telling you that it can't find the function:
which mvnrnd
will probably result in: 'mvnrnd' not found
mvnrnd is part of the statistics toolbox, type 'ver' in matlab and see if you have it.
% Stateflow Coder Version 7.6.1 (R2010bSP1)
% Statistics Toolbox <-- Version 7.4 (R2010bSP1)
% Symbolic Math Toolbox Version 5.5 (R2010bSP1)

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Nadhirah Jofri
Nadhirah Jofri on 5 Aug 2015
erm..ok, it seems like i don't have that Statistic toolbox.. thanks for the info...

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