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MATLAB function to get all dependent .m files to generate exe using MATLAB 2013b

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jyothi mullapudi
jyothi mullapudi on 4 Aug 2015
Answered: Al Dente on 4 Aug 2015
Hi , Could you please suggest me the function to read all dependent .m files of a .m file, to generate an executable from the exe. i have tried using depfun i got following error: Method 'writeFunctionCall' in class 'rtw.modelreference.MdlStartWriter'

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Al Dente
Al Dente on 4 Aug 2015
This might help:
profile on -history;
% your code here
profile viewer;
p = profile('info');
It will give you all sorts of functions however -- built-in functions, s-functions, .. etc you get the point -- which might not be what you want, but give it a shot.


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