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How to access JAVA Classes/Methods in matlab

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Below is my input file: Trade.jar: Contains multiple classes & each class has multiple methods
I want to use/invoke method 'login' from class 'session' in my matlab script.
Can anybody guide me how to do it in matlab script.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 29 Jul 2015
Open the documentation for MATLAB. In that documentation, open the "Advanced Software Development" section. The "Calling External Functions" subsection includes an item on calling Java libraries. Read through the Examples and Concepts sections for that item.
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Sachin Ganjare
Sachin Ganjare on 29 Jul 2015
I have already gone through the documentation.
I have added all relevant paths of files.
With 'methodsview' command I can see all methods of a particular class, but when I try to use method using below syntax, I get following error:
Syntax: classname.methodname()
Error:The class Session has no property or method named 'notify'

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