Surface plot of Simulation Data

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Joel on 24 Jul 2015
Answered: Cindy Solomon on 27 Jul 2015
Hello there,
I have data points for pressure and electric power for 4 different temperatures. Instead of plotting them individually I want to create a surface to show the relationship between them. I have only data points.
I tried using surf and mesh but I struggle entering only my data. I'm not too familiar with meshgrid and ndgrid which I also tried futile.
Any help is welcome.
Thank you
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 25 Jul 2015
Do you mean that you have a total of 8 different values: one pressure and one power each for each of the 4 temperatures?

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Cindy Solomon
Cindy Solomon on 27 Jul 2015
Hi Joel,
I will second Walter's clarification question, but I also wanted to point you to this article on using meshgrid - in particular, the section on 2-variable functions. It shows a similar example to what I think you are trying to do that can be generalized to other use cases.
Hope this helps!


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