How to do system identification on a system involving internal delays?

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I have a negative feedback loop involving a gain, an integrator and a time delay. It acts as a controller. I do have some data and want to determine the gain and time delay from the data. As far as I can see, I cannot use idgrey and greyest since idgrey requires me to give A,B,C,D matrices directly and does not support InternalDelay . Is there a way to identify such a system involving internal delay?

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Sainath Varikuti
Sainath Varikuti on 22 Jul 2015
Hello Joerg,
For linear system identification you may use 'procest' function to estimate the process model for a given data. Following is the documentation on 'procest' function
Alternatively, you may also use the Simulink Design Optimization toolbox to estimate the system for a given data.

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