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How can I get points coordinate on an axes made in GUI?

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Julien Houle
Julien Houle on 20 Jul 2015
Answered: J. Alex Lee on 30 Aug 2020
Hi, I'm using a GUI which uses, a certain function_A to build an axes. Every time I call the function_A, I give the axis handle and use it with "figure = newplot(handle)". Then it displays the wanted axis (still in the same function_A). When finish, it gives back the figure. Until then, it works, the axis show what I want. But when I try to get to the coordinate of my mouse on axis "point = get(handles.axis1,'CurrentPoint')" it does not work. Even the function axis_ButtonDownFcn does not work while it was working BEFORE the figure was send to axis1. As if it can not access to the "axes background" as described in the comments of the axis_ButtonDownFcn. Can anyone help with this?


Rik on 29 Aug 2020
@Hasaan, you're probably better off posting your own question and provide more details. Attach the function you're using and provide instructions on how to replicate the issue. Try to reduce the size of your function as much as you can: remove every line that doesn't contribute to causing the problem.

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J. Alex Lee
J. Alex Lee on 30 Aug 2020
It sounds like the click is being "intercepted" by the object that you drew on the axes (please don't use the word "figure", because it is simpler to keep the nomenclature within the matlab programming language).
If this is the case, you can set the "HitTest" property of all the objects you draw on the axes to "off" and prevent this behavior.


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