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I have data in Workspace in matlab (time domain). Frequency domain (FFT) responses are computed using MATLAB functions utilizing the data obtained from Workspace. How can help me to get FFT from my time domain signal stored in workspace.

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get FFT from signal stored in workspace. the signal stored in workspace is .mat data.

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 20 Jul 2015
data_struct = load('TheFileName.mat');
varnames = fieldnames(datastruct);
time_domain_data = data_struct.(varnames{1});
freq_data = fft(time_domain_data);
If you know the name of the variable the data is stored in in the .mat file then you can use it directly. For example if you know the data is stored in qx83t then you can use
data_struct = load('TheFileName.mat');
time_domain_data = data_struct.qx83t;

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