Object movement by estimating motion

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Nataliya on 13 Jul 2015
Hello everyone, I have estimated the motion of the frame using optical flow. I want to move the object using the estimated motion. Here is the code to move the object:
function imgComp = motionComp(imgI,u,v)
[m n C] = size(imgI);
M = size(imgI,1);
N = size(imgI,2);
f = imgI(1:M, 1:N, 1:C);
imgComp = zeros(M, N, C);
[x y] = meshgrid(1:size(imgI,2),1:size(imgI,1));
X = min(max(x+round(u), 1), N);
Y = min(max(y+round(v), 1), N);
idx = (X(:)-1)*M + Y(:);
for coloridx = 1:C
fc = f(:,:,coloridx);
imgComp(:,:,coloridx) = reshape(fc(idx), M, N);
Can anybody tell me whats wrong in this logic. As the object is not moving accordingly. Please help. Thanks

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