what is the format of date variable imported from excel

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Hi, I have imported two excels with first column as date and second column as numbers. Then I need to do some manipulation with the two set of data where I am using datenum. Anyway my code is as follows.
% nld=readtable('NLD.xls');
corresp = bsxfun( @eq, datenum( nld(:,1) ).',datenum( nld(:,1) )) ;
[r,c] = find( corresp ) ;
And I get the following warning and error message
% Warning: Variable names were modified to make them valid MATLAB identifiers.
> In makeValidName at 25
In @table\private\setVarNames at 48
In table.readXLSFile at 113
In table.readFromFile at 35
In readtable at 118
In readdata at 2
Undefined function 'datetime' for input arguments of type 'cell'.
Error in readdata (line 4)
nld.Date = datetime(nld.Date,'InputFormat','MM/dd/yyyy')
Here is some sample of the imported variable nld
Date x10_Year
____________ ________
'24/06/2015' 1.08
'23/06/2015' 1.1
'22/06/2015' 1.11
'19/06/2015' 1.01
'18/06/2015' 1.04
'17/06/2015' 1.08
'16/06/2015' 1.11
'15/06/2015' 1.09
'12/06/2015' 1.09
'11/06/2015' 1.09
Could you identify what is the problem here? Thanks for your help.
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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek on 27 Jun 2015
The data are correctly imported, now what is your problem? what do you want to achieve?

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 27 Jun 2015
nlddate = datenum( nld{:,1} );
corresp = bsxfun( @eq, nlddate.', nlddate ) ;
Peter Perkins
Peter Perkins on 6 Jul 2015
xueqi, a couple things:
  • You do not need {} for tables, you need {} for cell arrays of strings, which is what you have imported those datetimes in your file as. You will probably be happier specifying a %D format to readtable to read the strings in as datetimes, not as strings.
  • The error you are getting
Undefined function 'datetime' for input arguments of type 'cell'.
indicates that there is something you have not told us.

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