How can I make some action on listbox by double clicking?

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Hello all, I have two listbox. First listbox contains some strings, I want that by double click on these strings individualy, make them move to the second listbox. Any idea?

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B.k Sumedha
B.k Sumedha on 25 Jun 2015
Edited: B.k Sumedha on 25 Jun 2015
There is a good example in mathworks documentation only.You can have a look at this .

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 25 Jun 2015
Sorry, there is no double-click event exposed in MATLAB, only an event that fires off on a single click (which will also fire off at a double-click event as well).
joe on 11 Jan 2018
Double-Clik on Listbox is possible. to make the double-click works you only Need to write the code below in listbox callbox
function listbox_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles)
if strcmp(get(gcf,'selectiontype'),'open')
% here you write write code, which you wanna be executed afer double-click

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