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How to upload a huge text file of (20 lack *100 ) size matrix into matlab

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i have a 2000000 (20 lack) row and 100 collumn matrix text file. But when i try to upload it into the matlab it doesnt show the values in the upload collumn(shown in black circle). So i can not upload the data.
The same thing work well when i have around 1 lack*100 sized matrix.
can someone help me how to upload such a big text text file into matlab (1 GB)

Accepted Answer

Christiaan on 17 Jun 2015
Dear Navan,
You could have a look at this documentation website of Mathworks, where many examples can be found to upload large data files. One of the functions is " datastore" which is may be a good use for you.
Good luck! Christiaan
navan on 19 Jun 2015
I am working with 2014 b version of matlab and now i could use the function datastore. i could access to file but i could not find out my big data.
As i have shown in 2 red circles 1) i am expecting a double numberic array of 50000*100 matrix like the small red circle 2) By using the code datastore ds=datastore('D:\nnn.txt'); i am getting many files that are there in the bigger red circle. But no files for 50000*100 matrix.
Pls help
navan on 20 Jun 2015
Dear Christiaan and Roberson,
Thanks alot for your time and effort. It will be great if you help me with above question

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