MATLAB : problem with zoom on 2 courbs (plotyy)

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I plot 2 courbs like this : [hAx,handles.hLine1,hLine2] = plotyy(handles.x_new,handles.y4,handles.x_new,handles.y6); And I have a button near the graph to choose the begining of the x-axis with this function :
function changeXmin(handles,~)
xmin = get(handles.xmin_choix,'String');
handles.xmind = datenum(xmin);
set(gca,'xlim', [handles.xmind handles.xmaxd]);
NumTicks = 10;
L = get(gca,'XLim');
set(gca, 'XTick', linspace(L(1),L(2),NumTicks));
guidata(handles.fig, handles);
But this is applied only on the first courb handles.y4, my courb handles.y6 stays the same, it is not zoomed. How can I do to zoom on my 2 different courb at the same time ?
Thank you in advance,

Accepted Answer

Ingrid on 15 Jun 2015
instead of using gca you should store the handle of the axes generated by your plotyy command since two axes are created so you need to change the xlim of both axes
[AX,H1,H2] = plotyy(...)
set(AX(1),'xlim', [handles.xmind handles.xmaxd]);
set(AX(2),'xlim', [handles.xmind handles.xmaxd]);

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