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How to Write Table to Excel with headers

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Hello. I need to write a table from within matlab to an excel sheet. Right now, this is the code I have:
writetable(Check_AirTemp, filename, 'Sheet', 3)
Where the table being inputted has columns and rows. I am looking to the best way to add column headers in excel for each of the three columns in the Check_AirTemp table.
Peter Perkins
Peter Perkins on 3 Jun 2015
Samantha, writetable (unless you tell it otherwise) does write the variable names as column headers in the spreadsheet. What headers are you looking for?
Samantha Brand
Samantha Brand on 5 Jun 2015
I'm looking for column headers, not just the variable name (which I already have as the title of the columns) what is the best function for that.

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Answers (1)

Salaheddin Hosseinzadeh
Salaheddin Hosseinzadeh on 3 Jun 2015
Hi Samantha,
I usually use xlswrite() which then I add the headers as soon as I generate the file.
You can give it a try if you like, I haven't heard of writetable() in fact!
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 3 Jun 2015
Tables and the associated functions like readtable() and writetable() came about in release R2013b I believe.
Salaheddin Hosseinzadeh
Salaheddin Hosseinzadeh on 3 Jun 2015
Edited: Salaheddin Hosseinzadeh on 3 Jun 2015
I am using 2012a and it does not have writetable.
Thanks Image Analyst ;)

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