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sarah on 3 Jun 2015
Commented: Patrick Perales on 27 Mar 2019
Hi guys,
I'm making a table format X and Y i.e. I'm creating a interactive gui which allows users to put experimental data. Would anyone know how to call the table i.e. get table data that the user inputs in GUI? Would anyone know?

Accepted Answer

Ingrid on 3 Jun 2015
userData = get(handles.uitabletag,'Data');
Patrick Perales
Patrick Perales on 27 Mar 2019
Can you explain to me how you got the edit boxes to interact correctly with the table? For example, I have a code that allows the user to input the X and Y coordinates into edit boxes, then by clicking a button the vaules are to be stored into a table located in the gui. Only the first coordiante will pop up in the table, however after every other plot the coordiante from before is deleted.
Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

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