Plotting two function in one figure

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Ali A
Ali A on 1 Jun 2015
Edited: Walter Roberson on 1 Jun 2015
calculate y(t) for the following equation:
y(t) = -2*t^3+5 (t>=0) and y(t) = 2*t^3+5 (t<0).
The values of y should be calculated in the range -9 <= t <= 9. Calculate
a value of y for every t in increments of 0.1 in the range specified. The
values of y should be collected in a single array. Generate a plot of y vs.
t using the plot command. The curve should be in solid green line with width
of 2. Make sure you have proper axis labels.
This is what I've come up too:
t = [ -9 : 0.1 : 9 ];
for ii = t >= 0
y = -2*t.^(3)+5;
for jj = t<0
y = 2*t.^(3)+5;
plot(y , 'g', 'linewidth',2)
I'm wondering shouldn't my x axis be the t values, I think I've got something missing here.

Accepted Answer

Ingrid on 1 Jun 2015
you are not storing your values in a vector y since therefor you would need to indicate y(ii). Also the for command will not be working, instead you need to use a logical indexing
t = [ -9 : 0.1 : 9 ];
y(t>=0) = -2*t(t>=0).^(3)+5;
y(t<0) = 2*t(t<0).^(3)+5;
plot(t,y , 'g', 'linewidth',2)

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