Get rid of "S-Fuction" block inputs

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How can I get rid of the input and output ports of the S-Function block? The block the I wanna create does not need it since it is an initialization block the only inputs are entered using mask parameters.

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Abhishek GS
Abhishek GS on 3 Jun 2015
Hi Isaac,
I have a couple of questions. Are you using MATLAB S-Function or C S-Function block? Could you be more clear on what kind of initialization you intend to do? I am afraid S-Function blocks are not required for this purpose.
Thanks, Abhishek
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Isaac Silva
Isaac Silva on 3 Jun 2015
Hi Abhishek,
I already got my answer. I'm trying to develop a Simulink blockset for a PIC microcontroller, and the first block I was trying to create was a block to initialize the ports (to define the direction of the pins).
To remove the input and output ports I had to use the functions "ssSetNumInputPorts(S, 0);" and "ssSetNumOutputPorts(S, 0);" on the "void mdlInitializeSizes(SimStruct *S)" function of the C S-function code.
I got that answer from MATLAB's support team. I tried and it works just fine.
Appreciate your help,

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